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Is Solar Right For Your Home?

Thank you for you interest in Solar.

As you can understand there has been a massive increase in Solar and the demand for materials. 

For this reason we will try and get an estimate to you within the next 14 days. We may contact you for additional information to create a more accurate estimate, or suggest a site visit first. 

If you are happy with our estimate, please let us know via phone or email and we can then proceed with a visit to go over any changes that may be required. 

After a visit we can then provide a quote within 7 days. Please be aware that prices of materials may increase during the time between the initial estimate and quote.

Do you have enough space?

Space is a key consideration. The average system size is around 3.5kWp and this will typically take up around 20m2 roof area.

An unshaded, South facing roof is ideal for maximum electrical output. East or West facing roofs could still be considered, but North facing roofs are not recommended. A system facing East or West will yield around 15-20% less energy than one facing directly South.


Shaded roofs

Any nearby buildings, trees or chimneys could shade your roof and have a negative impact on the performance of your system.

Finding an unshaded spot is best, however sometimes shading is unavoidable. Some solar PV systems can minimise the impact of shading using ‘optimisers’. If you don’t have shading, the use of optimisers is not necessary or beneficial, other than the increased monitoring opportunities they offer – they won’t generate more energy.

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